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aRANTistan: We're All Just Targets Anymore

Another shooting. This time in Tulsa at a hospital clinic. 4 dead just about a week after the tragic killings of 19 children and 2 adults in Uvalde, Texas.

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I’m at the point now where I’m just kind of expecting someone to start shooting at any place I go. Hospital, school, church, supermarket, it doesn’t matter. We’re all just targets anymore.

Walmart should just start selling flak jackets in the sporting goods section. They could make them fashionable and fairly nondescript because we as stupid Americans won’t wear them if they make our butts look big.

“Do you have this to match a coach bag?”

I’m not even joking. Why some company (gun manufacturers?) haven’t seen the market potential for consumer armament ® is beyond me. You can look like your’e trying to fix the problem without actually addressing the root cause (read: GUNS!) AND you can make them ‘stacks!’

Which leads me to politicians.

I TRULY believe that politicians who take money from the gun lobby don’t care about anything but their power and their campaign donations which allows me to present to you a 2-pronged point I’d like to make about gun violence.

1-Get the money out of politics. NO ONE should be allowed to donate money to someone running for office. PERIOD. STOP.

No companies, no lobbyists, no common people. No one. If they want to run for office, they have to pay out of their own pockets for that TV shoot, the ad buys, the yard signs. Maybe, MAYBE, radio and TV stations can a lot a certain number of spots for their campaigns but that’s it.

2-Set term limits/caps on our representatives. Yes they have limits but, for me, a politician shouldn’t serve more than 2 terms (12 years for a senator, 4 years for a House of Represenative). Politicians shouldn’t be starting their terms with their babies being born and finishing them when their great-grandbabies squirt out. After a while they become politicians and not representatives of their constituents. They get used to the day-to-day of ‘being a politician’ and lose sight of what’s important, how the people on the ground are doing and how actual day-to-day life is going for the people they represent. I think they get into a cycle of campaign raising, hob-knobbing with people in suits, free dinners here, free golf there and their ‘well’ gets poisoned by the process. If they’re only allowed to be there 4-12 years then the clock is ticking to get things done and they won’t be in DC so long that they grow an outer shell of patina-coated political goo.

There. I’ve officially solved the mass shooting problem.

Now. Where do I pick up that Nobel Prize?

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