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So much fun, so litte wine

Failing Upward

As of this writing, I've been out of radio for about a year and a half.
It was only soon after being let go from 'Loser' in October of 2020 that I had a couple hits as far as new radio/on-air jobs.
Since then I've seen some pretty stupid people rise up the ranks.
There was the idiot who was hired about a year before I was let go to be the programmer of a station and they're now in a senior management position. Their spouse was hired onto one of the stations in their purview and now I see someone who regularly fucked up at my old job has been hired in a position of authority and management with another radio station in the market.
Made the more frustrating by the fact that someone I respect actually recommended this moron!
It blows my mind that so many people who continue to fail at their jobs keep getting BETTER jobs.

But the question begs: why do I care? Why should YOU care?

You, I can't comment on but you should care because meritocracy should be the basis for professional advancement not being born on third base.

My wife is working full-time and providing for us and she's more than accommodating for my voiceover, podcast and Twitch show needs. Why am I complaining? I'm able to pursue voiceover like I've always wanted and the Twitch show satisfies that itch to be on-air and also makes me feel like I'm doing what radio will eventually evolve into.
I think it's because I've always complained about stuff like this and nepotism.
It's always been something that's bothered me.
I've always been a devout believer in right and wrong. And it's wrong for people who fail at their jobs to be promoted. It's wrong for people to get jobs just because they have a relative or loved-one in the right place within the company.
I'll admit that these idiots might have changed. Maybe they learned from their numerous mistakes, internalized them, and used that to get better and become competent professionals.

I hope they have.


But as it sits right now, I only know what I know. And I know that I'm seeing a lot of failures failing upward while I, a hard worker who, yes, made some mistakes (we all do), have been cast out of the industry.

And that doesn't seem right.

If you see upward mobility by idiots and it's directly a result of their connections or nepotistic positions then call it out. Hit up your company's whistleblower hotline. Chances are nothing will come of it but maybe it will.

Regardless, you can go home that night, sit down to dinner with your family and, only after the first bite of spaghetti, you can say to yourself, 'I did the right thing.'

Aint nothin wrong with that.

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