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So much fun, so litte wine

22 accustions Turns Into $230 million

So Deshaun Watson was traded to the Cleveland Browns where he was immediately given a 5 year/$230 million contract.
He leaves behind the Houston Texans and 22 accusations of sexual assault.
A grand jury didn't find enough there to move forward with a criminal complaint but it begs the question: How does a guy with 22 sexual assault allegations get rewarded with a 5 year/$230 million contract?

Of course, innocent until proven guilty but 22 accusations! All essentially fitting the same M.O.: Massage, penis and anus stuff. Repeat.
If you found out a guy moved in next door who had 22 accusations and civil lawsuits regarding sexual assault yet the cases were dismissed, you KNOW you'd have a problem with that.

And don't give me the 'oh they're just trying to get rich!' Maybe a couple. MAYBE. But I tend to believe women who come forward with accusations of abuse that resulted in blackouts and even crapping themselves.

What's the answer here? I don't know. Should a guy not be paid or able to make a living doing what he loves after accusations like this? Not necessarily but maybe there's an answer in the middle.

Maybe a stipulation in the contract that if you're clean based on 'x' standards and policies after 'x' amount of time, then you'll get the full contract.

The NFL is still investigating, the Browns said they did their due dilligence and, as mentioned, the grand jury said 'there's no case here,' but I feel like there's something wrong with someone getting accused of 22 separate cases of sexual abuse ending up with $230 million.

What do you think?

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