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Urban Meyer got fired for losing NOT for being an asshole

Urban Meyer got fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars. And he got fired because they were losing, NOT because he's an asshole.

"Just gonna...quietly...exit to the nearest "Hooters"

Lemme be clear though: He SHOULD have been fired because he was an asshole but you know damn well that the NFL and owners would put up with a LOT of shit from their coach if their teams' record was 11-2 and not where it's at now (hint: it's not good at all!)

The league values winning over everything else.

If Urban Meyer was caught taking pictures with some sorority skeez at a bar every other day of the week, the Jaguars owner would have released a statement along the lines of "we don't put up with this kind of behavior...talked with Urban....counseling...blah blah" and then he would have mentioned shit about distractions and the team they're facing this coming week.

With all of Meyers' bullshit shit like leaving Florida for 'health reasons' and then becoming the Buckeyes' coach less than a year after leaving Da Gatuhs, to a bunch of his players getting in trouble with the law, to hiring a strength coach who hates black people, to getting a lap-dance from the head treasurer of your daughter's sorrority

The face of the man who WILL criticize you for your posture

to any of the other shit Meyer has done (christ, just click this link to see more highlights from the Meyer-Fuck-Up-Canon)

NONE. OF. IT would have mattered if the Jaguars were on their way to the playoffs and Trevor Lawrence was sitting at 15 TDs and 0 INTs at this point.

But they're not, so he gone.

This is a man who had to go, no doubt, but it should have been because of his hubris and flaunting of rules, lack of decent humancy and thinking Tim Tebow could be a viable Tight End and not because he was just a college coach who couldn't hack it in the NFL.

Urban Meyer summarily made the Jaguars locker room into a college locker room but grown men collecting million dollar checks ain't gonna put up with that shit.

That being said, do not be surprised when Jerry Jones' turkey-neck ass calls Meyer as soon as McCarthy's gone.

Fuck Urban Meyer twenty times over with his own FBS trophy.

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