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A couple quick thoughts on the Rittenhouse verdict

We'll probably get into more on tonight's show (November 19, 2021) at 7pm but I had a couple quick thoughts on the Rittenhouse verdict.

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How I Beat Health Insurance!

Well, I didn’t really beat ‘em so much as I wore them down.


That’s legit, right?

That counts, right?

In this day and age...

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What happened to my friends?

I thought I had friendships and people who cared about me but as more time passes since losing my job it’s become clear that most of the people I called ‘friends’ weren’t that at all.

I was just a conductor that connected them to the their REAL friend. The REAL reason they were in my presence: media access...

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Is Radio The New Blockbuster?

Yes. Well, maybe but definitely not what it used to be.

Yeah, it's easy to write this post off as a 'You're just bitter that you got let go!' type of post but I'm reasonably thinking about what radio is and where it's going.

Long before my services were no longer needed...

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Friday and Monday

We will be off this coming Friday, July 23, 2021

and Monday, July 26, 2021.

We'll be back next Wednesday!

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